Pack of Heroes is a two-player card game set in a fun

parallel universe of vintage comics!

Pack of Heroes is a 2 player battle game in which each player controls a team of superheroes. The game is set in a fun alternate universe of vintage comics. Everything is colourful, light-hearted and just a little bit different!


In the game, each superhero is represented by its own hero card. At the start of the game, the players choose 5 heroes to be in their team out of the 40 unique hero cards in the game. Then they fight it out!


Whoever has the last hero standing wins. Their team becomes the official superhero team of Power City!



it’s an all-out tactical battle with surprising

super powers and killer combinations! Whichever team wins

will be declared the official super hero team of Power City!



On a turn, you may bring a hero into play or use a power of a hero already in play. Powers are used by spending power cards from the player’s hand.


Heroes’ powers can do all sorts of things! The most common are attacks which do damage to your opponent’s heroes. There are also defend powers which block attacks, stun powers which freeze heroes, heal powers and lots more! When different heroes get together, there are many synergies and combinations to discover!


The play area for the game is a 3 x 3 grid of spaces. The boundaries of this grid are marked by the players’ bases (their draw pile, reference card and discard pile.)


To win you‘ll have to know the best time to bring your heroes into play and how to manage your hand of power cards to best use their powers. You’ll also need to devise an overall strategy for your team.



Phil Walker-Harding

Game Designer

John Debono-Cullen

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Phil Walker-Harding

Phil Walker-Harding has been designing games since childhood - board games drawn with textas, card games made from cut-up index cards and computer games programmed in BASIC. However, it wasn’t until he discovered the German board game renaissance of the 90s and 00s that he was inspired to think about board game design as a real hobby.



‘The super hero fighting game’ has been a long work in progress spanning many years and countless versions. Inspired by his childhood love of comic books, Phil wanted to make a game that brought the fun (and silliness) of those characters to life, yet which didn’t rely heavily on luck for combat resolution, as is common for many games in the genre. Teaming up with John D-C to bring Pack of Heroes to life has turned out to be a perfect match!

John Debono-Cullen


John's illustrations are very character based. "I love the process of creating a new character and bringing them to life within an illustration." He has his own particular style of illustration and uses a mix of traditional hand-generated techniques along with digital processes to achieve a look that is new but that also has a very vintage commercial illustrative feel. John likes to fill his creative work with colourful references to popular culture taken from his many hobbies and interests which usually include a healthy combination of comic books, 1980’s cinema, rock and roll music, vintage action figures, 1950’s movie posters and Saturday morning cartoons.


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